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Tantra is the tool to Master the WHOLE BODY: Physical, Psychological, Sociological . ALL THE SENSES





As the honored President and Co-Founder of L♡vEarth.com I am energized with heartfelt passion for Complete Loving Wellness for ALL! Let’s allow the loving Conscious Light of the Meta~verse to shine its Unified Infinite potential in and as Us.

Certifications + Experiences:
Shri Kali Ashram India: Yoga Alliance Certification, Tantric Yoga & Body Walk massage, Qi-Gong, Wuji, Mantak Chia, Breath Empowerment, Food Based Healing~Detox, Coaching~Leadership

Multi- Media Film-TV & Event- Conference- Festival Host- Spokesperson- Producer- Director- Promoter.

40+ years of Worldwide studies & entrepreneurial experiences including India, China+HK, Korea, Europe, Africa, The Americas and Iceland.
Officer trained Military Academy graduate.

Olympian DNA: Son of USA Head Olympic Track & Field Athletics team Coach Stan Huntsman.

Feel free to make contact and schedule Time & Space re: synergistic business ventures and/ or personal ~ group transformational opportunities, missions  and successes…  in concert together!

YES!  Stanley Stephen Huntsman loves you.

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